It is a matter of trust.  It is a matter of tenacity.  It is a passion for being right.  Always.

The Job: establish and preserve credibility.

Writing is a process.  The process is necessary to genuine thinking and valuable insights, whether one intends the final product to be the spoken word or the printed text. 

In the 21st century nearly every spoken word of any interest (and much of no interest) is quickly re-presented as a written text: an unavoidable incarnation.  
This inevitable materialization introduces a host of important considerations that require ruthless war-gaming from practically the moment of the idea's conception, long before one utters before an audience.  Little is forgotten; words hover, invite examination and cross-examination.    

Likewise, once published to the world, the written text multiplies, indelibly imprinted on the record, the public's collective consciousness.  The better your writing, the more insightful your ideas, the more valid your points, the more your writing attracts attention -- the attention you rightly seek.  With that come the critics with scalpels.     

I provide clients objective rigor and candid, constructive criticism that privately and reverently expose vulnerabilities, test the durability of the substance, reconcile mechanical and grammatical errors. Together, we inure your writing to the challenges we invite.  

If you are going to say it, if you are going to publish it, be clear and courageous.  And always be correct.
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