"The volume of his written work is exceeded only by the quality and celerity with which he can compose the most nuanced and cogent points."

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Ed Ledford appreciates the most challenging, complex, and high stake communications requirements.

Ed has written for cabinet-level secretaries and senior military leadership. As his principal’s spokesman and speechwriter in Afghanistan, Ed composed, edited, and presented operational guidance and strategies to national and international elected and appointed leaders and the media during the McChrystal-Petraeus era. His portfolio includes policy and strategy papers; correspondence with Members of Congress, senior Department of State and Defense officials, foreign counterparts, chiefs of industry; and innumerable speeches. Ed edits and writes scholarly papers, blogs, fiction, nonfiction, poetry.  A native of Asheville, N.C., Ed currently works from his office in Rockville, Md. 

He enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring that which others have abandoned. 
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